Pet Move Customer Story: Chief and Sheera’s Move to Australia

Name: Dale
Pets' Names: Chief and Sheera
From: Wildwood, Florida
To: Alice Springs, Australia

When my husband was offered a job in Alice Springs, Australia, the only stipulation I had was "the dogs HAVE to come with us!" I started doing some research and my heart sank when I realized that the amount of work it was going to take to get these dogs moved just might break me.

I was still working a full time job and going to grad school on top of organizing a huge move overseas, so I started to feel like this move for my pups, Chief and Sheera, was not going to happen. I then started looking around for someone to help me. That is when I read an article in the New York Times talking about this company, From the moment I sent my initial email asking for information to the moment my dogs arrived safely in Alice Springs, has been my sanity.

Moving overseas is not easy for humans, and it is especially not easy for pets. My agents, first Scotty then Elaine, helped me crate train my "hillbilly" dogs to prepare them for their long flight. They walked me through all of my vet visits (and there were many!) and were always available during the visits if the vet had any questions or concerns.

Chief and Sheera were picked up from my home and taken care of their entire trip to quarantine in Australia. Elaine was available to me during the entire trip to let me know when my pups made it from one flight to another, or to tell me that they were enjoying a walk during a layover. Everything was taken care of, and all I ever had to worry about was missing my dogs or when I was going to see them again!

I could never have done this without their help, and when my time in Australia is done I will be utilizing their services once again! Thank you Elaine and PetRelocation! My dogs just arrived safely to Alice Springs after 30 days of quarantine and look better then the day they left my house in Florida!


PetRelocation Team




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