Pet Move Customer Story: Cindy’s Move to San Diego

Name: Nathan
Pet's Name: Cindy
From: Boston
To: San Diego

We spent more time worrying about how to move our painfully shy, skittish 9-year-old cat across the country than about any other aspect of the move. We knew the carry-on option would not work - the procedures at TSA screening would have been the end of her (and us). So we chose to handle the transport. let us know what arrangements we needed to make with the boarding facility, and once we were in the house in San Diego they picked her up and put her on the pet-friendly direct flight they had chosen.

When we went to the airport, we expected to find a hopelessly traumatized, quaking creature trying to hide under the pee pad. Instead, we found her in high dudgeon - yelling at us and more than ready to escape the crate. She was obviously handled very well, arrived in great shape, and is handling the relocation much better than we expected.

The move went very well - thanks!


PetRelocation Team




United States
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