Pet Move Customer Story: Edgar and Isabell’s Pet Move

Name: Jeanette
Pets' Names: Edgar and Isabell
From: San Francisco, CA
To: Waltham, MA helped me out with a sad situation. My friend Lilly was diagnosed with terminal cancer a month ago. Her two favorite beings in the world were her cats, Edgar and Isabell. When I found out from Lilly her prognosis, I offered to take them.

PetRelocation made all the arrangements to pick them up from the Pet Hospital they were staying in, their airplane "tickets", and delivery to my home by a very nice agent late last Friday night. I was happy to tell Lilly on Saturday that her "babies" had arrived safely.

Her mind at rest, Lilly passed away Monday, 22 April. The cats seem to be settling in well, and are a constant reminder of a very dear friend. Thank you PetRelocation for helping me out and making this situation a little easier!


PetRelocation Team




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