Pet Move Customer Story: GG’s Move to the UAE

Here's an email from a recent (happy) customer. This is why we love doing what we do!


Dear Amber,

Now that GG's (now known as "Desert Dog") adventures to UAE are complete, I just wanted to send you a note to thank you and your company for all your efforts to make this trip a success. 

When my husband found a pet relocation company online, I was concerned because of the ability to coordinate activities and to reach out to a real person in real time, due to time and distance. I was pleased to find that you and Sarah were always readily available throughout the process to answer our multiple questions and to re-send documents multiple times as we were attempting to synchronize three separate calendars in different parts of the world.

When the pending adventure became a reality, I was a bit worried for GG since she has never left her local neighborhood. You stayed in constant contact with us, which was very reassuring.

When her original paperwork became separated from her, this was very frustrating but you did all that you could do and resolved the situation as quickly as possible. In retrospect, since I had several original documents prepared, it probably would have been good to have John carry a set since he was traveling with her. Also, it was good that he was on her same flight because he was able to see her being loaded/unloaded at each point so we knew she was faring well.

I am so happy this trip concluded successfully. John said GG is her happy and healthy self and definitely in better shape than he is right now!

So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the superb coordination with us. Your accessibility and reassurance throughout the process and the quick remedy when a problem outside of your control occurred.  I will recommend your company to others and we appreciate all you do for people and their pets. Thank you so much.



PetRelocation Team




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