Pet Move Customer Story: Hugo’s Move to South Africa

Name: Sunnye
Pet: Hugo
From: Houston, TX
To: Cape Town, South Africa


I chose PetRelocation because of the reviews and the fact that they were located in Texas. They helped me with everything I needed to move my dog from Point A (Houston) to Point B (Cape Town). He is my pride and joy and the THOUGHT of flying him brought tears to my eyes for months.

Their handling and management of the paperwork needed to get Hugo to Africa was invaluable. We loved Rome, who handled Hugo in Houston, and Russell, who got Hugo in to Cape Town. Without Russell's know-how, we would have likely been at the airport in Cape Town all night! The liaisons are fantastic!

Hugo was bright-eyed and so excited to see me when he got out of his crate! No jet lag, just one happy pup and an extremely relieved human.

Hugo and I are already regulars at the Daily Deli in Cape Town. Hugo always manages to finagle the last half of someone's muffin just by hypnotizing him with his eyes. And De Waal Park is "the" dog spot in Cape Town. We are about to move again to Greyton, South Africa, where donkeys, horses and even a pot bellied pig roam the streets. Hugo will be in heaven.





PetRelocation Team




United States, South Africa
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