Pet Move Customer Story: Izzy & Chloe’s Move to London

Name: Susan
Pets' Names: Izzy, Chloe
From: Boston
To: London

Our move from Boston to London required our English Bulldog, Izzy, to go on her first airline flight at the age of seven. I was very nervous, but after the thumbs up from her vet and a thorough plan detailed by, Izzy made the trip and is enjoying living in her homeland!

Due to airline restrictions on her breed, she was driven to JFK in New York, flown by KLM to Amsterdam, and then flown to Heathrow. It was a longer journey than a direct flight from Boston, but safer nonetheless.

Chloe the cat was an experienced flyer and made the trip safely as well. Every person I connected with through their journey, from the Pet Relocation specialists to the drivers who managed their transportation on the ground, were all excellent.


PetRelocation Team




United States, UK
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