Pet Move Customer Story: Lucy & Behr’s Relocation to Thailand

Name: Kathiona
Pets' Names: Lucy & Behr
From: Houston, Texas
To: Bangkok, Thailand

My vet recommended but I was initially skeptical of using an online relocation company. However, once I spoke to my relocation specialists, I was confident they knew what they were doing and my dogs would be fine in their care.

They provided all the information I needed and more, and were extremely patient and responsive to the questions and concerns of an anxious pet owner whose babies were about to embark on a very long journey. They even suggested and arranged for the dogs to be placed facing each other on the plane so they could not only smell and hear each other but see each other too, thereby minimizing their distress.

The dogs arrived a little dazed from their two day ordeal but completely healthy and just a little worse for wear. The team at was professional and very caring. Their agent on the ground in Bangkok was equally good. I highly, HIGHLY recommend them and will use them again when I leave Bangkok.




PetRelocation Team




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