Pet Move Customer Story: “Overwhelming Care and Professionalism”

Name: Sue
Pets' Names: Dylan, Bogie, Stinky, Squirt and Skabenga
From: Orlando, Florida, USA
To: Yorkshire, England

Before I ramble on, let me say that PetRelocation has my completely unqualified endorsement! I cannot recommend them more highly. So if you are reading this while trying to select a company to help you with your pet's move, stop and look no further. This is an OUTSTANDING company!

I am a veterinarian and the owner of a group of rather elderly pets. I was very anxious and intimidated at the thought of getting them safely and legally into the UK, where my husband and I have been transferred. From the moment I had my first email exchange with Mike, I felt much more relaxed about the whole daunting process. The company clearly has a great deal of experience dealing with pets and their owners as well as excellent knowledge of the detailed bureaucracy associated with moving animals internationally.

Once we had moved to the logistics phase, Bethany took over our case and she gave me a meticulous but clear list of instructions as well as the timeline I needed to follow. Anyone who has made inquiries into moving pets will be aware that government animal import websites are not always clear or up to date! She was quick to answer all of the myriad questions I had and most importantly, actually anticipated my concerns! She demonstrated genuine empathy and I felt like she was treating my pets as her own. I had to make several schedule changes, yet she never became impatient with me.

The actual move day was very nerve wracking of course, but Bethany and her team contacted us throughout the journey. The day started with a road trip from Orlando to Miami. The man who picked them up in a luxury air conditioned van was clearly an animal lover and my husband felt comfortable leaving our menagerie in his care. We were updated when they made it to the kennels in south Florida. Here their crates were carefully labeled and they were given a chance to stretch their legs and given fresh water. We were updated again when they were on the plane and when the flight took off. Once they were in the air, I started to receive texts and calls from the company's contact in London - a warm and bubbly woman named Jayne. Somehow she seemed to know exactly at which points I was starting to worry and I would get a text or a phone call from her. Once they came off the plane, they were again allowed to stretch their legs and were given food and fresh water. After clearing customs ( which took a while - but Jayne contacted me several times to keep me updated!), they set off on another road trip up to our new home in Yorkshire.

I couldn't have been happier when the van doors finally opened and I saw them all! Everyone was clean and dry and far calmer about the whole ordeal than I ever expected! Jayne seemed to genuinely understand all the emotions I was feeling and shared in my excitement! The old cats and dogs (13-15 years) are completely unscathed from their journey and after a good night's sleep were ready to start exploring their new world, which they are loving. The cool weather, public footpath system and being able to join us in the beer garden at pubs after a long walk is making the dogs very happy and having exciting new places to explore and a warm radiator bed is just great for the cats.

So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Mike, Bethany, Jayne and everybody else who took care of my pets as if they were their own! You are an amazing group of people and an amazing company! I would not consider working with anyone else if I needed to move animals again!



PetRelocation Team




United States, UK
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