Pet Move Customer Story: Starla’s Move to Cleveland

Name: Esther
Pet's Name: Starla
From: Colorado Springs, CO
To: Cleveland, OH

My grandmother, who lived in Colorado Springs, CO, adopted Starla in July of 2009. They had almost three wonderful years together. After my grandmother passed away this spring, I decided to take Starla back to Cleveland, OH, to live with me.

Rather than trying to deal directly with an airline, I decided to find a pet relocation service. I had a time crunch: I wanted to leave Colorado on May 27. I only had about four days to make travel arrangements for the dog (and myself).

I called on May 23. Sarah Rosales answered the call and immediately started my account and emailed me the necessary forms. I cannot express how relieved I was just to have someone answer the phone call and be able to assist right away. I had attempted to contact two other companies - one never returned my inquiry emails and one did not return the initial phone call for almost a day.

My next encounter was with Scotty Walkwitz. Scotty did the majority of the work as far as arranging the flight, and was always available to me via email for my numerous questions. Again, a stress-free experience, due to accessibility and communication!

Katie was our last specialist - she drove Starla to Denver for her flight to Cleveland. She helped me with last minute kennel preparations, and they were off! All I had to do was catch my flights and meet Starla in Cleveland.

Once I landed in Cleveland I headed straight to the cargo area for the airline, and there was Starla, safe and sound.

This was a wonderful, stress-free experience from the initial phone call to meeting Starla in Cleveland. It was so nice to know that my new dog was being handled by kind, caring professionals. It allowed me to concentrate on other more pressing issues during a difficult time.

Here are two pictures: one of Starla by herself (on sofa), and one with Xena, my other dog.


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United States
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