Pet Move Customer Story: Sugar’s Move to Austria

Name: Julie
Pet's Name: Sugar
From: Wheaton, IL
To: Eben im Pongau, Austria

We choose from our research on the internet. completed all of the paperwork, coordinated with the vet office, and moved our 11-year old Westie, Sugar, on a Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt, Germany. Then they drove Sugar about 6 hours to her new home in the Austrian Alps.

The most surprising part of the move was how calmly Sugar entered the flight crate and laid down for a nap. She was never crate trained until two months before the flight, so I did not think she would be so cooperative. Her crate training consisted of leaving the crate in our family room and feeding her in the crate once per day. We would put favorite toys in the crate so she would have to go into the crate to get them out and play. She rarely went into the crate on her own. That's why I was surprised that she went into it easily for the pickup. We gave her a long walk before the pickup for the flight. I also included an old t-shirt of mine and a small dog bed in the crate. Sugar was fine when she arrived in Austria. She was very happy to greet my husband and run down the mountain after her first Austrian squirrel.

Sugar now gets to travel everywhere, she is welcome in most hotels, restaurants, and shops. A very different life for her. In the picture she is riding down from visiting a mountaintop castle along the Danube near Vienna, Austria.


PetRelocation Team




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