Pet Move Customer Story: “Thank You from the Bottom of our Hearts!”

Name: Annette & Yolanda

Pets: Aristotle & Socrates

From: Florida

To: Arizona


Good Afternoon Maegan & Marissa,

First of all, Yolanda and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such an excellent job PetRelocation did for our canine friends. 

The first driver who appeared to pick them up and take them to the Miami International Airport was very professional and made the situation stress free.  The driver even put me at ease, which in turn created an easy transition putting the dogs in the kennels.  Usually they don't leave without a fight. (lol).  Although I was the one to place them in the kennels, they were relaxed and controlled. 

The driver had given me a call the night before to explain in detail the purpose of kennel security, how to prepare them for any emergency situation and making sure that our pets will be taken well cared for, should a situation arise.  He prep me to have their food bagged and  taped to the kennel.  I had ice trays ready and of course wore them out the night before and that morning, by taking them on a very long walk before their departure.  It was great to know these important details.

On the other end, when the pets arrived to their destination, again, delivered them straight to the residence where Yolanda received them.  She stated that the dogs looked a little disoriented, but we assume it was for the simple fact that being this there first plane ride, I'm sure they were a little frightened at first.

Today, they are still trying to get use to the townhome, as they use to have a yard, so more exercise for all of us. ;-)  Overall, they are now adjusting to their new surroundings and life here in Phoenix.

Maegan and Marissa, we are so pleased with your outstanding support and help in making sure that we too were at ease through this entire transition.

Thank you so much!!! We will definitely recommend your services to our friends and families.

Annette & Yolanda



PetRelocation Team




United States
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