Pet Move Customer Story: Tori’s Move to California

Name: Jimmy
Pet's Name: Tori
From: Florida
To: California

I own a tea-cup Yorkshire Terrier. I wanted to have him transported from Florida for my girlfriend who is the true owner.

We were both concerned about the move, as it was our first experience transporting a pet across the country.

However, from the moment that we sought out, the representative on the phone (Lee) was extremely professional and caring. Moreover, the person that he delegated responsibility to (Amber) was also very professional and kind. Both Amber and Lee took all of our concerns into account. Finally, Lin and Lisa, the agents who brought Tori, our dog, to the airport and to our home, were very caring, kind and diligent.

What both I and my girlfriend took away from this experience was that has employees that love their job and take a vested interest in seeing that their clients are satisfied and that their pets are safely transported.

This was the first and most memorable experience for us.

While there are many contingencies that come into play -- some outside human control -- I would highly recommend that be given the opportunity to carry out this responsibility.

Jimmy and M.Y.











PetRelocation Team




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