Pet Move Customer Testimonial: A Careful Dog Move to Shanghai

Name: George
Pets Names: Quinn & Shadow
From: Atlanta, Georgia
To: Shanghai, China

About a year ago we found out we would be moving to China. During a discussion with some people that had gone before us, was mentioned. We needed to move with two dogs, one of which was a rescue with severe epilepsy. His condition requires medication every 12 hours to prevent cluster seizures, which would kill him. Ashley worked with us to research what would be the best way to get there. We settled on flying from Atlanta to Detroit, stay overnight there, and start fresh the next day on a direct flight to Shanghai. As it turns out, this was a very good choice. Detroit had a snowstorm that day and our connection would most likely have been missed. When traveling in the winter, it is always a good idea to choose a direct flight or leave enough time between connections.

During our house hunting trip to Shanghai, James, with Pet Relocation in China, came over to our hotel to go over our special needs for Shadow. This was apparently about a two hour drive each way from the kennel. Having the chance to meet who would be responsible for our dogs in quarantine and go over the requirements really gave us peace of mind and allowed both of us to better prepare for the upcoming trip.

Our pets traveled on Delta as accompanied luggage. Delta went out of their way to allow us to stay with Shadow and give him his medicine at the last minute. Thankfully the first officer of the 747 let us know that our pets were on board. Had they not we would have disembarked prior to closing the boarding door.

Upon arrival in Shanghai, by the time we had gotten through immigration there was James with our two pets in customs. Once reunited we were able to feed, water, and medicate our pets, however I am not sure which they were more interested in, the food or us.

It wasn't long after quarantine that James was able to deliver our dogs to their new home in Shanghai! Overall we would highly recommend Without their support and advice, this move would have been nearly impossible.


PetRelocation Team




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