Pet Move Customer Testimonial: A cross-country dog adventure

Name: Stephanie
Pets' Names: Desi & Gus
From: Boston
To: San Francisco

In September I moved to San Francisco from Brooklyn, NY. My dogs moved in with my parents to Boston until I was able to get settled in CA. As if being away for my dogs for an unspecified amount of time weren't stressful enough, now I needed to find a way to get them to CA!

I NEVER thought I'd fly my pets. I had heard the horror stories and was completely ignorant to the process. Enter Not only was my relocation specialist, Abbey, professional, educational and informative, she was compassionate and friendly. I was all at once relieved. She made the process as stress-free for me as possible. She knew my travel plans were up in the air and never pressured me or made me feel like I needed to hurry to sign the contract. In addition to Abbey's AMAZING client support, the rates were completely reasonable. They picked the dogs up at my parent's house, brought them to the airport, got them through the process and then tracked the flight the whole time. They worked with me to find the perfect flight and time and even allowed me to pick them up at the airport without going through a check out process.

I can't say enough good things about PetRelocation or Abbey. If I have to do this whole thing again I will absolutely use them. They've opened my eyes about pet travel and opened a whole world of traveling opportunities for my dogs!


PetRelocation Team




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