Pet Move Customer Testimonial: Bandit’s Move!

Name: Kara
Pet's Name: Bandit
From: San Diego, California
To: Newtown, Pennsylvania

My family and I just relocated from San Diego, CA to Newtown, PA. As anyone reading this knows, relocation can be somewhat chaotic! Add to that the fact that your pet (who is most likely your best friend) can often not travel closely with you, and this can add a great deal of stress to the relocation. Two weeks prior to our move, however, I contacted after receiving a recommendation from our relocation company. My husband and I were concerned about putting the welfare of our dog in someone else's hands - but after my first conversation with Amber of, I knew that Bandit was in the best of hands!

For the two weeks before Bandit's move, my husband and I had what seemed like a million questions a day. Amber was always available to answer our questions quickly and completely and she NEVER made us feel like we had too many questions! She was a delight - Amber took care of all of the tiny details that we just would not have had time to complete. Everything from tips for crate training to getting Bandit's health certificate in order! By the time my husband and I were to drop Bandit at my in-law's house and fly out of San Diego, we knew the staff would take care of everything and make sure Bandit made it to us safely.

On Bandit's big travel day we were already in PA but we received CONSTANT contact letting us know that Bandit was safe, healthy, and well on his way to his destination. There was not a moment that we were worried about him! Considering some stories we have heard about pet travel, having this level of comfort was huge. When Bandit was dropped off at our new front door he was happy, healthy, well rested and ready to play :)

I'd say that, for us, the best part of Bandit's move was when he was dropped off and he and Mike (the PetRelocation staff member that dropped him off) looked like they had been friends forever. Bandit is settling in nicely in PA, he spent the whole day exploring!!

Thanks so much! We don't plan on relocating again, but if we do you will be sure to hear from us! For now - we look forward to sending Bandit's friends your way if they are going to be taking a trip :)


PetRelocation Team




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