Pet Move Customer Testimonial: Fluffy’s Adventure!

Name: Al
Pet's Name: Fluffy
From: Colorado
To: Florida

When moving from Colorado to Florida in an RV, our pet, "Fluffomatic" escaped. We needed to leave to allow a return flight for a friend who was helping, and Fluffy was left behind. We were heartbroken the whole ride!

Through the help of our friends, Ari, Amber, Theresa and Debbie, we were able to capture him in Colorado. Now, how do we get him back to Florida? was the answer. Through the concentrated efforts of their agent, Lenneke, the trip was set up for us and included picking him up in Colorado, visiting the vet for shots, boarding in Denver, and flying to Florida.

Fluffomatic is now at home with his family -- crisis resolved. We called the right place. A special Thank You to our friends Ari & Amber, who took him into their home and watched over our little Angel.

Thank you, everyone!



PetRelocation Team




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