Pet Move Customer Testimonial: Isis and Sheba’s Move to Seattle

Name: Kristin
Pets Names: Isis and Sheba
From: Charlotte, NC
To: Seattle, WA

I was in a little bit of a bind given that I had to relocate to Seattle in approximately one week. I didn't have any idea how my kitties were going to get there, as I could have only carried one of them on my flight with me.

I contacted and Marissa was so prompt in providing me with the options and information that I needed! She was helpful and efficient and coordinated everything for me, down to helping me purchase the right size kennels for my kitties to travel in.

My kitties had to ride 2 1/2 hours, board, ride to the airport, fly to Seattle, ride to the kennel, board and then be picked up by me two days later. It was quite the logistical nightmare, but handled it all!!! :)

Thanks again!


PetRelocation Team




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