Pet Move Customer Testimonial: Jade’s Cross-Country Move

Name: Kelly
Pet's Name: Jade
From: North Carolina
To: California

Due to my husband getting an awesome job offer, we needed to move across the country... like the whole way. Our relocation company recommended when I told them that I was having trouble figuring out how to send my 100 lb, 4-year-old Bull Mastiff to California from North Carolina.

We chose the door-to-door service. Jade was picked up from a friend's house where she was staying, put in a van, and taken to the airport. The person who picked her up took care of a bunch of paperwork and checked her in. She also froze water in the travel water bowls for Jade to have along the way. She had a great suggestion to use a bath mat in the bottom of the crate instead of a blanket or towel since it wouldn't slide.

Amber with kept me updated (in my complete lack of organization during this crazy time) through the whole process. I got an email, text, or call during every part of her journey. When a reputable mailing/delivery service delivered a damaged crate, Amber managed coordinating getting a new one sent and the old one to be inspected/picked up.

Jade got to California after a 14-hour journey. She was dropped off at our new house to my husband, who said she was in "perfect" condition as she proceeded to hop around her new yard like a bunny. She didn't even pee in her crate! We hope we won't have to move across the country again, but if we do I would use without question!


PetRelocation Team




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