Pet Move Customer Testimonial: Josh’s Move to Singapore!

Name: Amanda
Pet's Name: Josh
From: Japan
To: Singapore

We chose because of their home-to-home delivery service. It was our first time moving Josh and we were very paranoid about this. We read many stories online about how dogs died on the plane so we wanted to ensure that everything would go smoothly.

Our Pet Relocation Specialist, Sarah,  was a great specialist to us. She was empathetic and patient to our inquiries, and she made herself available to us at all times. Even though we were in Japan, she gave us details to ensure that Josh's export documents were in order.

On the day that Josh was supposed to move there were sudden changes, and I had to call Sarah at night. But everything went in order. It was never chaotic. We were never worried.

When Josh arrived in Singapore, he was so energetic and so curious about the whole new environment even after the exhausting flight. At the end of the whole procedure, we realized we worried too much when actually everything went perfectly well.

So to other pet owners out there, if you ever wondered like I did if this is a made-up blog, I can absolutely tell you, no, it is not. is a great pet transport service provider. Keep it up!


PetRelocation Team




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