Pet Move Customer Testimonial: Latimer’s Cross-Country Cat Move

Name: Sally
Pet's Name: Latimer
From: New York, NY
To: San Francisco, CA

Moving my 13-year-old cat was one of the things I was most stressed out about when I got a job located across the country. After some research, I came across and I'm so so glad that I did.

From the minute my pet relocation specialist Amber reached out to me, it was clear this team knew exactly what they were doing. She was incredibly patient with me, as I waited for my company’s relocation benefits to kick in (even though I knew I was moving for about six weeks, we only had about ten days to actually coordinate the move).

Once the process was officially started, it couldn’t have been easier. She advised me about what kind of paperwork and crate I would need, coordinated with my vet, got the flight booked and even had the delivery team pick me up a litter box to bring to the hotel where I was spending my first night in California.

Not only did Latimer (my incredibly fat cat) show up safely, but he seemed to be perfectly happy after his day-long adventure. He wasn’t upset at all, and clearly took great care of Latimer and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has to move with their pets. I will definitely use them again if I relocate.


PetRelocation Team




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