Pet Move Customer Testimonial: Moving Cats to Dubai

Name: Kim & Mai
Company: Emerson
Pets Names: Merrick & Akasha
From: Riverview, FL
To: Dubai, UAE

My husband's company was moving us to Dubai, and our 9-year-old cats have never flown. This was just the beginning...

At first we felt like we could handle the details, so we tried to do all the required paperwork, vet visits, airlines and Internet searches. We soon found out that this was a much bigger task than we could handle while trying to work, pack, and organize the move.

Thank goodness for Scotty with All it took was one phone call and he took it from there. He arranged the correct vet documents along with delivery of those, flight details which included extra attention to the cats during the layover in Germany, correct crate set up and info, and he had them picked up at home and delivered to our new home in Dubai.

They arrived clean, with their crates clean, and most importantly, safe. I was very concerned and scared for my furry babies, however once Scotty took over, my nerves did calm down. As you can see they are happy cats, doing what all cats do, trying to squeeze into boxes they don't fit into.

Thank you for having Scotty on board. We will definitely be calling him when we relocate again.


PetRelocation Team




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