Pet Move Customer Testimonial: Moving Pets to Idaho

Name: David
Pets' Names: Genevieve & Jason
From: Austin, TX
To: Boise, ID


With a new job, my company relocated me from Austin, TX to Boise, ID. The relo was done on a short timeline, leaving no time to make the 3-to-4 day drive. Additionally, the thought of making that long drive with kids, a dog and a cat was not appealing. was the most professional company I found to help us move our pets. Our coordinator, Katie, helped us navigate the government and airline regulations and kept us informed of our pets' progress along the way. When the driver, Marcus, picked the pets up at our house, I could tell right away that he loved animals, and knew how to handle them.

Katie found a great kennel in Boise to keep our pets until we arrived a couple of days later. Both pets are healthy and happy. Our dog, Jason, is a bundle of energy by day, and our cat, Genevieve, is playful by night. did a wonderful job for us!



PetRelocation Team




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