Pet Move Customer Testimonial: Pepper’s Relocation to Seattle

Name: Pat
Pet's Name: Pepper
From: Ellicott City, MD
To: Seattle, WA

Bob was offered a job with Boeing in Washington, and we lived in Maryland. What to do with Pepper was a big concern.

Pepper is an older dog and has diabetes. We considered driving, but a cross-country move in the winter didn't seem too safe. We chose after looking at their web site and they were also recommended by our relocation service provider. After speaking with our vet and the Relocation Specialist, Rebecca, we knew that they were the ones to help get her there safe and sound.

Rebecca was there for every step of the way with information and she really calmed my concerns, which were many. Many phone calls and emails later, I am happy to say that Pepper survived the whole ordeal better than we did. She is doing fine, her spirits are high, and she's back to her old self! The temporary housing we are staying in is very pet friendly; they have a doggy patch of grass on the roof and she meets up with some of the pets that use it.


PetRelocation Team




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