Pet Move Customer Testimonial: Shan & Loki’s Move to Washington

Name: Louisa
Pets' Names: Shan & Loki
From: Central Ohio
To: Southern Washington

We chose initially because they said they can do the job! After having a wild few days contacting various moving companies (some quoting sky high prices), we found that many others admitted they couldn't handle my dogs. We had five weeks until the move week.

Shan, our 6-year-old German Shepherd who we brought to the States in 2007 from the UK,  had a spinal stroke on Easter 2011 and lost the use of one of his hind legs. He's healthy otherwise and stands at 33" head to floor and weighs 102 lbs. Loki, our 4-year-old Great Dane, is in perfect health and she's 100 lbs and stands 36" head to floor. TALL ORDERS!

We chose to pay for the door-to-door service, as we had our flight four hours before theirs and didn't have a car big enough for the huge crates. All members of the team were introduced to us (and the dogs when physically possible) before they carried out their part. Amber has great communication skills (phone, text, email) -- she was there anytime I needed to speak to her even from Texas.

There was a hiccup - the second airplane wasn't big enough, but it was no problem considering that has a kennel in every city that it can call upon at a moments notice, so my two were boarded over night, clean bandages were applied to Shan's 'dead' leg, they were fed, watered, exercised and packed back up the next morning on an airplane that could fit them.

I will recommend that anyone and everyone relocate with I actually think they enjoy the challenges this line of work brings!


PetRelocation Team




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