Pet Move Customer Testimonial: Socks and Puppy’s Move to Uganda

Name: Fiona
Pets' Names: Puppy & Socks
From: Sri Lanka
To: Uganda

I asked to see if they could do this move, which coming from Sri Lanka was a bit uncommon (more so for the dogs going to Africa). Mike soon got in touch, and after a large amount of research he confirmed the move was a possibility. Hampering this was the fact that I was not with the dogs, making everything take longer. But, as of the end of Sept., my two Sri Lankan street dogs arrived safe and well into Entebbe, Uganda.

I was like all people doing this, worried about the dogs being left in a corner of a large warehouse, by themselves, hot and with no water. As it turns out, they were well looked after en route by's agents and the chosen airline. They looked good and had obviously had the kennels cleaned on the way, as they had a long transit time. I could not contemplate trying to do this myself, and the positive result shows in the photo. Thanks Mike, I really appreciate this.


PetRelocation Team




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