Pet Move Customer Testimonial: Three Snub-Nosed Dogs Move Across the US!

Name: Nicole
Company: Amerigroup Corporation
Pets' Names: Cady, Cody and Cali
From: Seattle, WA
To: Virginia Beach, VA

I accepted a position in Virginia Beach and my relocation coordinator highly recommended I was very nervous about having my pets fly since they are snub nosed and was contemplating having my husband drive my three dogs cross country.

Kayla reassured me and sent me all of the information including the video of Hamlet. It made sense to make their travel time short and not drag it out. I probably sent one hundred questions to Kayla and she always responded, which made me feel much better. After a trip to pick up crates, water bowls and fleece bedding, we left the crates out so our dogs could get used to them before the flights and they actually started to sleep in them!

On the day of the flight I was very nervous but I received emails from Kayla and the Seattle rep that picked the dogs up. Once on the east coast, I received a call immediately from the rep picking them up. The dogs were dropped off and were very happy to be out of their crates, had a drink of water and a snack and cuddled up on the couch to watch T.V. like they normally would at night! They were healthy and bounced back from jet lag over the next few days. I was so relieved.

Overall, I have to say this was a great process. Kayla was fantastic and I cannot say enough great things about how timely she was with information and her dedication to customer service. Please be sure to do something special for her since I truly believe she should be recognized for her hard work. I highly recommend this service and have already spread the word to my friends with pets. Thank you again!!!!!


PetRelocation Team




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