Pet Move Customer Testimonial: Yoshi’s Thailand Pet Move

Name: Frances
Pet's Name: Yoshi
From: Houston, TX
To: Chiang Rai, Thailand

Yoshi is a 10-year-old, 95 pound Akita and our child. I was more nervous about shipping her to Thailand than I was about retiring there permanently. Ashley was my pet coordinator -- she was extremely knowledgeable about what was required to ship her to Thailand. She walked me through all the steps and contacted me each time a due date was approaching. It is very time sensitive process. She was especially helpful in that she contacted my vet several times to make sure all the paperwork was perfect.

The routing from Houston was ideal. Houston to Amsterdam, for an eight hour layover at a doggie hotel, then a nine hour flight to Bangkok. Once she arrived in Bangkok, the Thailand agent took over. I was fortunate enough to meet this person on an earlier trip to Thailand. The Thai agent, Anni, cleared her through customs and got her on the domestic flight to Thailand.

Yoshi arrived on schedule and in good health. I would recommend this company in a heart beat. They are a very professional organization and know what they are doing. They really care and I felt very confident that Yoshi would arrive without any problems or delays. I can't say her adjustment to a new home has been easy for her, but everyday she is getting more comfortable with her surroundings.


PetRelocation Team




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