Pet Move from Pakistan Customer Testimonial: Fluffy and Mittens

Name: Fariha
Pets' Names: Fluffy & Mittens
From: Karachi, Pakistan
To: Issaquah, WA

Our two Persian cats are like family, so when we had to move to the USA, we couldn't leave them behind. The challenge was figuring out how to take them! Most airlines have restrictions against taking Persians, and then there's the length of the journey from Pakistan.

We found online and I mailed them for a quote, half expecting a reply saying they couldn't transport from Pakistan. Pakistan is extremely unfriendly towards pets, and even locals struggle with the system! But we promptly received a positive reply, and our agent worked with us through our indecisiveness and chaos that surrounds a big move!

I think the best part was that our agent understood our anxiety completely. What surprised us was the selection of agents at each port! Even the local agent in Pakistan was pet-friendly, sending us constant detailed updates and showing genuine concern for the cats. Initially we had reservations because of the cost associated with such a move, but this turned out to be a great decision!

The cats arrived in Issaquah in good condition and spirits, and immediately began exploring their new home. We had expected to receive stressed animals that would need days to recuperate from the trip, but the cats seem better than fine & have settled right in! In fact, they can't stop looking out the windows at their beautiful new Washington surroundings! We are so excited to have them and are grateful to all the agents who helped them get here! :)

fluffy & mittents


PetRelocation Team




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