Pet Move of the Month: Hugo’s Relocation to South Africa

As we recently completed Hugo's pet relocation and read even more about him on his owner's blog, we realized he would be a perfect pup to feature as our Pet Move of the Month.

Hugo's great personality and back story of world traveling adventure are not only fun to read about, they also provide some excellent insights into the pet travel process. Thanks to Sunnye, Hugo's owner, for sharing their move with us!


What were some of your concerns going into your first pet move?

That he would be scarred from the travel, that he would get lost or be uncomfortable in cargo, and just not being able to travel with him.
Did anything surprise you about the international pet moving process?

I was surprised that Cape Town didn't have a quarantine, that there was a pet hotel in Amsterdam, and how expensive it is.
How is Hugo adjusting to the new location?

He is the same old Hugo! I was expecting him to be a little miffed with me, but he was fine--especially after sleeping for 11 hours after he arrived.
What is life like in South Africa? Is it a pet-friendly place to be?

Very cosmopolitan--kind of the African sister city of Los Angeles. I find that South Africans LOVE their dogs. Although many are used for home security, I am surrounded by dog lovers. There are a good handful of pet stores (complete with natural dog food/treat options) here and I had a new tag made for him 24 hours after he arrived.

There seems to be a vet around every corner, as well as loads of parks and beaches to run your dog. Hugo and I are moving to Greyton in a couple of weeks, which is a village of about 400 people, several horses, goats, dogs, donkeys and plenty of rivers to wade in, trails to run on, and mountains to climb and table scraps to be had. We can't wait to get there.
What advice do you have for people who might be planning a move?
Breathe. Just breathe. At some point, you just have to let go, trust the PetRelocation folks, bake a lot of dog biscuits (which is what I did--137 to be exact), and get EXCITED about your pet's arrival.

Find out more about Hugo's move, and please contact PetRelocation with questions about moving your pets.


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