Pet Move of the Month: Mittens & Fluffy’s Move from Pakistan to the US

Fluffy & MittensCongratulations to Fluffy and Mittens (and their owner Fariha) for being named our Pet Move of the Month! Exporting pets from Pakistan isn't the easiest thing to do, but after plenty of careful planning these Persian kitties made it safely to Seattle. Thanks to Fariha for sharing this great pet travel story with us.

Is this the first time you’ve ever moved your pets?

What were some of your concerns going into the move?
The distance between Pakistan and the USA. It's a journey that we dread and leaves us exhausted for days. For two delicate Persian cats, we were afraid they may not make it.

Did anything surprise you about the international pet moving process?

Only the fact that it was so difficult to find a transporter. If there are other services available (besides, they are not known about in Pakistan and/or don't show up on a google search. 

How are the cats adjusting to the new location?
The cats seem quite well-adjusted. However, there are certain things they are still not used to but unfortunately are part of their new life. For one thing, in Pakistan we have huge concrete houses; here, the ground shakes every time someone walks & it seems to unnerve them.

What is life like in Seattle compared to Pakistan? Is it a pet-friendly place to be?
Seattle is hugely pet-friendly! But our cats are strictly indoors... We're afraid of the other cats on the street, and also of them getting lost. They go out onto the patio with us and love rolling around in the sun. It'll be interesting to see them when it gets colder, as the coldest it gets in Karachi is 55-60 degrees.

For us, it's comforting to know we're in a place that welcomes and loves animals. Also, that we have a choice when it comes to health care, facilities and products. All our neighbors have pets, and it seems that here not having one would be an unusual circumstance. Unlike back home, where pets are very unwelcome!
What advice do you have for people who might be planning a move?

If their pet is part of their family -- like ours are -- they should seriously consider moving them too! I think it's helped us all settle in better and made the new house a home, just having them here.


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