Pet Move of the Month: Stella and Gracie Return to the US!

Congratulations to Stella and Gracie, our featured Pet Move of the Month! These loyal Pet Relocation friends have just finished their third move with us, so we realized it was high time to honor them for being the star pet travelers that they are!

Moving pets to China - Pet Move of the MonthWe originally met these two pups (Stella is a Rat Terrier and Gracie is a Boxer mix) and their owners (Bridget and Greg Peelman) back in 2008 when we moved them from Seattle to Hong Kong. Later, they went from Hong Kong to Shanghai, and then recently they hired us again to help them move back to the US. They're all settled in Connecticut now, and were able to enjoy a happy holiday in their new home!

Bridget was initially a little nervous about moving her furry darlings to Asia, but the whole family committed to embracing the experience and they ended up making the most of their overseas adventure. We love that the Peelmans took the time to send us picture updates of their life along the way -- take a look at the dogs frolicking on the beach in Hong Kong and dressing up in their Christmas best in Shanghai.

In "On a Wing and a Paw - Moving Pets to Asia Pacific," an article that reveals more about the Peelmans' experiences (and about Asian pet travel in general), Bridget describes her initial worries about relocating to Asia, which she wasn't sure was the most pet friendly place. Bridget knew that leaving her girls behind was not an option, however, so she enlisted the help of PetRelocation and started doing some research.

After spending the time to separate fact from fiction (believe it or not, you can't believe everything you read online), Bridget found that she needn't have worried so much. Parts of Asia are very friendly to pets, and Stella and Gracie endured the move just fine. “I wish I had known how seamless the process was going to be... It takes a great amount of stress off the move to know that your beloved pets will be in great care each step of the way.”

Finally, once the family arrived overseas, they learned a lesson that many travelers with pets have come to understand. “It takes a few months to feel settled, but it’s all worth it to have them here with you."

Thanks to the Peelmans and their pups for sharing their story (all three chapters of it) with us!


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