Pet Move Spotlight: Dexter’s Move to Shanghai (and Making New Friends)

We (specifically Pet Relocation Specialist Sarah) recently moved Dexter, a lab/retriever mix, from Canada to Shanghai. It always takes pets a little while to adjust to their new surroundings, but Dexter encountered an extra surprise upon arrival: his owner found and adopted a new pup shortly after relocating, so Dexter found himself with a new  home and a new sister, Lotte. We wish this sweet family lots of luck!

Here's what the dogs' owner had to say:

Dexter and Lotte are doing great --  after a week of little fights they are too cute together ;) My boy is not a baby anymore, he is so big now... he still thinks he is a little puppy and sits on mommy's lap.

Dexter, recharging after his big move

I did some research and hopefully I found the right Dog Park. Dexter enjoys his walks and made two friends, both Golden Retrievers (6 & 12 months) Roger and Moby. Dex is almost as big as the 6 months young pup ;)

dexter and lotte
Dexter and Lotte, nap buddies

Sarah you honestly ROCK! One thing I can tell you, I am coming back, be prepared lol ;) It is nice here and yet very different. I miss my Canada already, nothing feels like home, eh!

Lucky Lotte


PetRelocation Team




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