Pet Move Spotlight: Hamlet’s Move to Hawaii

PetRelocation has moved hundreds of dogs, cats, and other animals over the last few years, and we love that every move is different.

Meet Hamlet, a pug who we relocated from Washington, D.C. to Hawaii this week. Not only did Hamlet's status as a snub-nosed breed make this a special case, he also happens to be a mature fellow (14 years old). On top of that, moving pets to Hawaii requires meeting a special set of rules, so Pet Relocation Specialist Kayla had plenty of details to keep her busy with this one.

When moving older dogs and/or moving snub-nosed pets, it's especially important to choose a pet-friendly airline and to fly with a travel crate that allows plenty of space and air circulation. Luckily Hamlet is in pretty good shape (he visits the chiropractor regularly, which helps him stay fit and mobile), so he was as prepared as he could be for this overseas adventure.

We were glad to help Hamlet reach his destination safely, and can't wait to meet the next pets that come along!
Hamlet - Pug
Aloha, Hamlet


PetRelocation Team




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