Pet Move Spotlight: Pets and Train Travel

Because travelers often have questions about it, we've covered the topic of pets and train travel before. Unfortunately the major train companies (such as Amtrack) do not allow pets on board, leaving vacationers and those who are relocating to seek another solution.

Blue the catCase in point: some current customers of ours have been able to find a non-traditional but workable way around their particular travel conundrum. When they decided to move from Tampa, FL to New Hampshire by train and found out that their cat, a Russian Blue, wouldn't be allowed on board, they decided to call us.

The resulting plan worked out just fine -- Blue is currently staying at a cat hotel in Tampa (that's him to the left, hanging out in his temporary digs) until his owners reach their destination, at which time he'll be flown up to meet them on a pet-friendly airline. With less overall travel time (and more playtime), it sounds like Blue ended up with a pretty good deal!

Like we said yesterday when we told you the story of Sparta the Staffordshire Terrier, no two pet moves are the same. was happy to help Blue and his owners with their move, and we look forward to the interesting challenges that tomorrow will surely bring.


PetRelocation Team




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