Pet Move Spotlight: Pint the Hamster

Why should dogs and cats get all the attention? The Specialists here at have experience moving all kinds of pets, including birds, fish, rabbits, iguanas and rodents, and these exotic pals require as much (and sometimes more) attention and planning than their more traditional counterparts.

Take Pint the Syrian hamster, for example. We recently moved Pint from London to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Hamsters require custom crates (non-plastic ones that can withstand possible gnawing activities), and due to various unforeseen circumstances, this trip ended up being longer than anticipated. An airline snafu meant that Pint had an extra day of boarding, and then his final flight was delayed, as well. This little traveler didn't get to meet up with his parents until 3 a.m., but they were extra delighted when he finally made it to them and overall he did just fine.

This move was a reminder that things don't always go as planned, and we're glad this laid-back hamster was able to go with the flow. Stay tuned for more Pet Move Spotlights... You never know what we'll encounter next time!

pint the hamster


PetRelocation Team




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