Pet Moving - Doing it yourself!

At, we always get calls from customers who are seeking help on moving pets. Many of them are well aware that they can do this themselves, but seem to have hit some sort of road block that makes them seek the help of a professional. When you contact a service to help in getting the job done, it does come with a price. Many are a bit shocked to find out just how much money it costs to safely and quickly transport their pets across the world.

Pet Moving Companies charge for their services and most of these services can be done by yourself. However, you can also paint your own house and save the money you would spend when hiring a professional painter to do this for you! It all depends on what type of service you want and how much time you want to spend doing it.

So when the question comes up on "Can I do this myself?" The answer is Yes! Moving your pet from one location to another is something that you can do yourself.
Relocating your pet can be a very time consuming, complex process because it requires meticulous timing, careful planning, obsessive attention to detail and a gift for logistics.

Since you love your pet, this list of obstacles may not always frighten you. After all, as a devoted owner you'll do everything possible to make sure that your pet gets safely to their new location.

Doing it yourself is possible and a lot cheaper with regards to the total costs. However, sometimes it's pretty risky, especially when moving your pets internationally.

Owners who plan on relocating their pets by themselves will have to research the relevant laws, guidelines and regulations involved in their specific route.

Since each state within a country can have a different set of laws and each foreign country having its own regulations, the learning process can be pretty exhausting. Then you add the airport services, connecting flights and transportation logistics, and you can see why it's such a complex process.

The question becomes, do you know how to do it and can you trust in yourself in making sure the job is done right?

Over the next few days, we will be posting helpful hints and suggestions on how you may want to go about making sure the job is done right, when doing it yourself! Stay tuned....


PetRelocation Team




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