Pet Moving - Hire a Pro or Go It Alone?

I came across an interesting article today on MSN by Marilyn Lewis entitled "Moving: Hire a pro or do it yourself?"

Lewis brings up some great points about planning ahead and how to go about picking out a good, reputable moving service.  Three main suggestions include avoiding online bids, screening companies and asking for licenses and insurance policy numbers

Those three steps can also be helpful in choosing a pet transportation service.  Would you trust your precious furball with a company that wasn't a registered member of a professional organization any more than you would entrust your couch?  Additionally, a company that doesn't have a large selection of customer testimonials and ample references probably doesn't make for happy four-legged customers!  PetRelocation is constantly boasting about their clients because we're so proud of our work! 

The rest of the article explores some more similarities including full service moves versus hybrid and other types of moves.  At PetRelocation, we offer only full service built from our desire for our customers to have a great experience, door-to-door.



PetRelocation Team




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