Pet News Round-Up: Looking Back at 2012, Fancy Dog Services and Pet Travel Changes

How's your new year going so far? There's already plenty of pet news to round up in 2013, so take a look and then have a happy Friday!

Mother Nature Network names its six top pet stories from last year.

Pets have emergencies, too, and Vet Care Express is a California company stepping up to help.

Can you put a price on your pet? The Texas Supreme Court is set to determine the "sentimental value" of animals.

Ideas for keeping pets healthy.

New York's East Village is offering some fancy choices for discerning dog owners.

Here's a little human travel news that might be of interest: some may not have to remove their shoes anymore at the airport.

A petition has been started to protest Qantas Airlines' ban on flying American Staffordshire Terriers.



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