Pet News Update: Shanghai Institutes a One-Dog Policy

In an effort to control the pet population, Shanghai has instituted a one-dog per household rule. Problems with rabies and overcrowding led to this change, which means that dog-owners will need to educate themselves about the new restrictions and possibly make some adjustments.

The new policy took effect yesterday, and a decrease in dog registration fees will also take place. This action is meant to encourage people to properly register their pets. Indoor pets like cats and birds are not required to be registered.

Though people with more than one dog may be understandably anxious about this new policy, one-dog families seem largely unconcerned with the changes. (Take a look at this Wall Street Journal article for more information about how people are dealing with the announcement.)

We often move pets to Shanghai (we actually just posted a pic on the Facebook page of a pug named J.J. who recently made the move—See J.J. with his owners below), so this is an issue we'll remain aware of. Feel free to share any experiences with or advice about living with dogs in China.

Christopher and Nikki and J.J.


PetRelocation Team





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By kelly on May 23, 2011 at 11:23 pm

This is true and has actually been a "rule" for years but they are enforcing it now. This is China and there are ways to get licenses for more than one dog. The police suggested we find a dogless friend and have them license one etc... If the dogs were licensed before the enforcement you can keep multiple dogs. I know several people in my building have lost their "extra" dogs last week. It just kills me!

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