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Snakes on a Plane hits theatres this weekend but at, we understand that shipping your pet is no laughing matter. Months before the hype began, a well-known magazine writer contacted our offices in hopes of some good stories about pets getting loose on planes. We had to inform him that all of our client's pets fly safely below the aircraft in the cargo area and never "escape." Thanks to secure, sturdy crates and the help of airline staff, we ensure that every trip for your pet is a safe experience Җ no Hollywood blockbuster drama here!


Selecting the right crate for you pet is key. It must be the proper size, long enough for your pet to lie down comfortably, and wide enough for your pet to turn around. Choosing one that is the correct height is also key your pet needs at least 2 inches of clearance over his head at all times. Our helpful staff at can help you select a crate, even over the phone, which will provide a comfortable journey for your best friend.



The airlines that we use have staff on hand to keep track of your pet throughout its travels. We can even keep up with your pet while he is in the air, using online flight tracking software. Your pet is kept watered and cool during connections and someone is always there to check to make sure he is doing well.

You might go out this weekend and catch Snakes on a Plane in theatres. We might not have many exciting stories for the reporters about similar experiences. While may at any time have snakes, turtles, dogs and cats on a plane ֖ they are always well taken care of and resting peacefully in the cargo area below.


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