Pet Relocation to Abu Dhabi!

A customer of ours who is now returning home from Abu Dhabi has some great responses to our questionnaire! Here is her email:

Hi Rachel,

Wow I can't believe how fast the time here has flown. I guess you have been expecting to hear from me. You guessed it. We are getting close to that time again. Are we going to be able to ship the cats back this time of the year. I know that someone said because of the heat that the airlines will not allow it. But I am no longer listening to others when it comes to my cats. You are the expert and I would rather hear it from you. The plan is: We are leaving August 3rd so if the cats can be shipped back then that is when we would like to see it happen. My husband will not be staying with us, he has to come back in September but he will not have the time to get the boys to the vets office for all the shots, if they even need any. So here I am again, asking you for any information that you can get me on shipment of my babies.

Abu Dhabi is interesting. I have vowed that I will never judge another country ever again unless I have been there to make my own judgments. The natives here are so nice. They will go out of their way to do stuff for you to help you out. Now that is not the case with the expats that are living here to work. Some of them are just plain rude. But over all, it is not bad here. Just not home.

Ok I am going to try to answer your questions for you.

* How was your experience finding pet care in your new country? Did you
have a hard time finding a vet?

The vet here is great, they offer dog obedience classes for the dogs and they are great with the cats.

* How do you get pet food, medicine, etc.? Any other suggestions, good finds or other pet friendly places you have found?

Pet food can be purchased at any of the grocery stores just like in the states. The meds you can get thru the vets offices. Dogs are a little harder to take out due to the religion. You have to keep the dogs close to you at all times, as the Muslims believe that they are dirty animals. At least that is what we have been told.

* How was your pet(s) reaction to the new environment? Do they seem to enjoy their new surroundings?

The cats did good with the relocation. They are indoor animals and seemed to enjoy finding new things to do in the house.

* What's your favorite local hotspot that you've discovered? A good restaurant, a beautiful overlook, a great dog park? We'd like to hear about it.

My favorite spot is the Marina Mall. Restaurant is the Steak House on top of one of the hotels. Parks are not for animals only people.

* What are some things you miss the most about where you came from/the US? Do you miss a certain type of food or activity that you could only do here?

I miss the language. We have learned what others that come to the US feel like. You don't really understand what some people are saying to you. The language barrier is difficult. But with the right connections you do fine. I miss the US steaks. We get meat from other countries, they are OK, but nothing beats a good US T-Bone.

* Have you found any good options locally for boarding your pets?

NO, but I also have friends here that have watched them while we have been away.

* If you had to relocate your pet(s) all over again, what would you do

Start using Pet Relocation earlier. They made the process simple and kept us informed every step of the way.

* What was the best/worst part of your pet relocation?

The Cats airplane trip, not knowing what was going to happen with them.

* How long do you plan to stay in your new country? Do you plan to return to your country of origin, or do you have plans to move on to another location?

Our original tour was 15 months, mine will be shortened to 12 months. We are returning to our country of origin.

* Any other suggestions or helpful tips for pet owners living in your new

Remember that dog owners have it much harder than cats. The dogs do not have large yards to run in, they are in a small space that may not be comfortable for them.

OK I think that covers it all. If you have anymore questions let me know. I look forward to hearing from you on the boys, I hope that they will be able to return with me in August. But if not I need to know what to expect.

Thanks again Rachel, you are great!



PetRelocation Team




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