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Hi PetRelocation,

We are moving to the San Diego area from New York sometime between September and October 2016.

We are interested in having our 4-year-old, healthy doodle travel by plane. From my research it seems flying him as manifest cargo is the wisest option.

Can you recommend airlines who deliver top notch care? My vet is a huge supporter of this method of travel for him as well.




Hi Joanne,

It's great to hear from you -- we love discussing pet friendly air travel!

First of all, you and your vet are correct. Flying pets via manifest cargo is the safest and most efficient option. That's how we fly our clients' pets, and for flights within the United States we typically choose United Airlines. Their PetSafe program has been in operation for several years and, among other things, offers temperature controlled vehicles and follows a specific protocol for handling pets.

For reference, here is more information about pet travel within the United States, including more details about how to prepare for your Labradoodle's move. 

Finally, if you're interested in hiring some assistance with this move, you're welcome to contact us here to discuss your options.

Hope this helps! Just let us know if there's anything else we can do and good luck with everything!

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