Pet Shipping 101: Meet the Summer Interns

We recently hired a few interns to help us out during the busy pet shipping season, and it's been fun to introduce these fresh young talents to a whole new world (pet transportation isn't exactly standard curriculum at our nation's colleges). Here they are, our summer interns:


Elli is originally from the Austin area and currently attends Purdue University in Indiana. She likes to read, she works a lot (Elli has about three jobs at any given time), and she also plays the clarinet and likes music, food, and video games. This summer she’s helping the pet shipping team by sending information out to clients and agents, and she's also helping to book flights and talk to airlines and veterinarians. Ellie has a miniature dachshund named Lily in addition to her mom's five dogs.


Here are a few words from Elli: So far it seems like I’ve learned so much about what goes in to actually moving animals (or really anything) around the globe, and I know it’s only the surface.  I just hope to learn more about how all of this works and glean a little bit of information about how each part of the world relates to every other part. Outside of that, this is a wonderful experience and learning opportunity for how things out in the real world work! I’m really enjoying everything here and can’t wait to see what else I can do and learn!


Yang attends Colorado State University in Fort Collins, and he’s originally from Shaanxi, China. Yang is here for the summer as a Data Analyst Intern, so he’s busy learning to crunch the numbers and stats associated with our pet moves. Yang’s parents have been taking care of his cat Misha for the past few years, and he hopes to have a pet of his own soon.


Ethan is from Katy, Texas and he’s a Senior Marketing major at Texas State University. Ethan likes to play with his dog (Kona) at the river, and also enjoys mountain biking, backpacking and cooking spaghetti. Here at, Ethan is creating pricing spreadsheets, collecting info on vet offices, talking to vets, airlines and clients, and is also learning to find routes to countries all over the world (even the “crazy” ones).

Ethan hopes to learn more about how the sales staff interacts with customers, and is also interested in finding out "how a private company can maintain a positive competitive advantage."


Lauren was born and raised in Dallas, TX (the actual city, not a suburb). A huge part of her life while growing up was playing the violin—she attended an arts magnet high school to focus in music and orchestra until she moved to Austin for college at UT in 2008. She is currently completing a dual major in math and psychology (two majors that have little to do with music or with each other), and she is a huge pet lover. This summer, Lauren is working on data-mining and marketing with (to continue the pattern of pursuing fields that actually interest her), and she is looking forward to learning a lot during her internship.


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