Pet Shipping to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Name: Carrie W.
Moving From: Houston, Texas
Moving To: Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Question: I am going to be relocated to HCM City Vietnam and will need to transport my 2 dogs by air. I have three questions:

1) Is there a quarantine period in Vietnam, and if so, how long is it?
There is not a quarantine period for pets moving to Vietnam.  As long as you have an import permit and the health documents in order, you will be able to take your pet home with you when you arrive in Vietnam and clear through customs.  Check out our Vietnam Pet Import Regulations for a more detailed list of the paperwork required.

2) My dogs are on a heartworm preventative program called Sentinel. Will they need to continue this medication in Vietnam? If so, how do I get refills on the medication if I am going to be in Vietnam for more than a year? Vets in the U.S. require a yearly checkup and heartworm bloodtest for a refill.
You will definitely want to keep your dogs on some sort of heartworm prevention program. Vietnam vets will be able to prescribe the same or similar medicine.  We have a Ho Chi Minh veterinarian listed in the "Living" section of our Vietnam pet shipping page.

3) Can my two dogs travel in the same pet crate on an airline flight as they are used to being together? Thank you in advance. Your answers are very much appreciated!
The airlines will require that your dogs travel in separate crates, which is really better for them.  Even dogs that are the best of friends can start to fight particularly when space is restricted and they are in stressful situations.

Thanks for your questions Carrie!

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