Pet shipping to Malaysia - questions about climate adaptation

Name: Megan W.
Moving From: Switzerland
Moving To: Kuala Lumpur



!e have a 3-year-old, uncastrated, male golden labrador. We may have an opportunity to move to Malaysia; as part of the family, we would want him to come too if he would be able to settle.

Question: 1) Are labradors able to adapt to the change in climate and the climate of Malaysia? 2) Is Malaysia dog 'friendly'? 3) What things should I be aware of when relocating our dog?




Malaysia is a very pet friendly country and we've moved several Labradors to Malaysia. Labradors are probably one of the most adaptable pet transportation breeds and, especially when they are as young as yours is, the adaptation period shouldn't take long at all.

A few tips to help with the adjustment would be to keep him well groomed to get rid of any excess hair, give him plenty of access to shade and shelter to help him maintain a cool body temperature, and lots of water never hurts!


PetRelocation Team




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