Pet Shipping to Spain


Little Jalapeno; a copper colored Persian feline with a some times fiery disposition and Crouton; her white coiffure-poodle comrade are heading to Spain; as their trusty and fearless owner is relocating to the vibrant colourful city of Madrid! Its going to be Flamenco dancing, intrinsic guitar and castanets from now on!

So what will a pampered kitty with a bit of an attitude and a laid back pooch do all day long and on the weekends in their new home? The gorgeous country of Spain has lots of attractions and sights to keep everyone occupied; do take a drive together and see the Basques, the Bay of Biscay; the Galicians, in north-western Spain; and the Catalans, of north-eastern Spain for some cultural diversity.

Discover the magical beat of Madrid; situated in the heart of the Castillian Plain. For those with an appreciation of the arts you can see works by El Greco, Velҡzquez, Bartolom Estban Murillo, Goya, Botticelli, Titian, and Rembrandt. The National Museum of Modern Art, also in Madrid, concentrates on Spanish painting after 1800. Purr-fect!

Paella, tapas and Spanish omelettes are on the menu in most restaurants here and as many of the restaurants don't open till as late as 9.00 pm; the troops may be quiet famished by then! Tapas, simply means to cover with a lid and can be some thing as simple as a slice of toast rubbed with garlic and dipped in olive oil, with ham, salami, cheese or olives added. Even a fiery jalepenoӔ pepper for those that like it hot!

Do check out the local markets together for some fresh fruits and vegies as well as the freshest seafood catch of the day! Yes please!

Spain has been a popular pet travel destination throughout Europe for years, especially for those people in search of some sun, sand and a little excitement. From intimate lodgings in small fishing villages or five star hotels in the bustling capital of Madrid; Spain offers plenty to do for families with all different ages, tastes and budgets. Check out your options thoroughly, especially if you are relocating for an extended period of time.

Finally; why not learn a few phrases before you head off?

Hi  Hola!

How are you? Como Estas?

Thank you ֖ Gracias!

And for fiery little Jalepeno and the ever so cool Crouton; you can always remind them that they are your best Amigos which means Friends!


PetRelocation Team




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