Pet Shipping to Warsaw, Poland!


Poland offers lots of truly unforgettable experiences for tourists as this is a country with diverse landscapes including golden sands of its Baltic coastal beaches in the north, rocky cliffs of the Tatras in the south and the lovely Mazurian Lakes for water sports enthusiasts and the beautiful national parks. Theres swimming, walking, hiking and discovering all of the sights; so pack your bags and belongings as well as your family and love able pet because Warsaw, Poland awaits you!

There are lots of places worth seeing in Poland and the best way to discover the beauty as well as history of Poland is to visit her magnificent cities and experience the haunting chills of the Holocaust's monuments of Auschwitz - Oswiecim as they are right here. Do be sure to enjoy lovely natural landscapes or undertake exciting trips and excursions. Either way you are guaranteed a holiday filled with unforgettable memories.

Historical Interests: The Royal Castle Krakow, the Royal Way, the Concentration Camp Auschwitz and the Old Town Warsaw.

Natural Beauty: You and your dog will enjoy relaxing on the sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea, exploring and hiking through the sunny hills, mountain peaks and green wilds of the Bieszczady Mountains and the Masurian Lakes for sailing.

You can either hire a car for traveling around; or Poland has an extensive transport network that connects every corner of the country making touring very easy; although you may have to check their pet travel regulations regarding public transport.

Poland is no doubt the home of sausages and bread; so there are lots of varieties to choose from. If you want to try traditional Polish cuisine, you must stop counting your calories as typical meals are very hearty and regularly contain a lot of meat. Polish cooking ingredients include sauerkraut, beetroot, cucumbers (gherkins), sour cream, kohlrabi, mushrooms and lots of sausages. ҠThen there are delicious and rich homemade cakes and pastries. Finish off with a shot of vodka to help you to digest the food. Perfect!

Pet friendly accommodations?!

There are many pet friendly hotels in Warsaw and even pet sitters that will petsitӔ your best friend while you go out for dinner. Here are a couple worth checking out further but it is advisable to contact them and verify that they are still dog-friendly and available when you intend to travel.

Holiday Inn Warsaw: is conveniently located in the very heart of Warsaw.

׷ Intercontinental Warsaw: is also conveniently located in the heart of the business district of the city

Finally; the weather in Poland is varied and very unpredictable with August being the best month for nice sunny days, and snow generally falling between November and March making this a perfect time for skiing. No matter when you visit do take both an umbrella and sunglasses, as these are necessary all year long.


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