Pet Transport and the Ever-Shrinking World

Has anyone else been noticing how much smaller the world seems these days? For a while now people have been able to hop on a plane and travel anywhere they want in the world without too much effort. Now, thanks to the arising awareness of pet transport, our furry family members are able to experience the same luxury. With a bit of advanced planning people can now transport pets to just about anywhere. For those remote destinations, pet transport can be difficult but it is never impossible. With the resources that are now available to pet owners (such as, moving with a pet is easier than it has ever been. Whether its domestic or international pet transport, owners can find answers to do it themselves or they can hire a company to take on the chore for them while keeping the best interest of their pet as a top priority.

Have you ever been overseas and just so happened to meet someone from your home town in another country? It doesn't just happen to people anymore! I recently had two past customers run into each other in Malaysia. I helped both of them move their dogs there from the US earlier this year. They had not known each other prior to the big move but met while overseas and found out they were from the same home town and used the same company to relocate their dogs! Now the dogs are great friends. What a small world!


PetRelocation Team




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