Pet Transportation to European Union

Traveling within the European Union is much easier according to the new system they have in place. People who own dogs and cats can easily move from one EU to another without much hassle with their domestic pets. It has relaxed the health requirements of the pet traveling with its owner or a caretaker. But the main factor is that the pet should not be relocated for selling purposes. Personal pet keepers will benefit more from such improved and reverted pet relocation schemes.

The EU is very cautious about pets traveling from third world countries where rabies is still not eradicated 100%. All recommendations of the International Animal Health Code clearly state the conditions to be met for a pet traveling from these countries where the rabies threat is high. Other pets like reptiles, fish, insects etc might travel with their owner without health certificates, as they are not affected by rabies. Proper certifications about the vaccination and tests should be produced after initially getting them from qualified veterinarians.

Before actually deciding to take your pet along, just find out the details about the pet relocation rules pertaining to the country you wish to go. Then decide whether it is going to be a final relocation or a holiday plan or a short stay. Then plan accordingly. If it is a holiday find out the resorts or hotels which will allow pets in the first place. Calculate the expenses that will be approximately met when you try to take your pet along. If it is for good then the amount you spend on it is worth the time and the effort.

However it is always good to entrust this work with qualified pet moving professionals in this field. They might guide you or even handle the pet relocating services for a considerable fee. But it is no doubt the best possible service as you need not worry or stress out at the last moment. Your pet will be safe and its travel will be secured and confirmed. They can take over the task of preparing all required import and export documents, vaccinating the pets and in many cases even providing custom crates and travel accessories. Some agencies also allow you to do all these services while they stand by and guide. Whatever be the location, pet relocation has never been easier.


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