Pet Travel and Airport Updates

If you followed our blog in November, you know that we published a Pet Friendly Airport Series featuring a few US airports with various pet-friendly amenities. Pet travel is much easier when facilities step up to offer more than the bare minimum when it comes to relief areas and policies, so we applaud any hub that keeps our furry friends in mind.

That's why we were interested to read about a new study advising New York City airports to expand and improve their facilities if they want to keep up with the growing number of passengers expected over the next few years.

According to the Regional Plan Association, this area will miss out on major revenue if they do not try to accommodate millions more human travelers (and probably a few more pet travelers, too). These improvements would require a lot of effort and investment, but if you've ever passed through JFK, Laguardia or Newark you know that these airports are already pretty busy so it sounds smart to try and keep up with predicted increases in traffic.

If they decide to go ahead with renovations, perhaps they'll make pet relief areas a priority as well. Other airports, such as Dulles, have done a great job providing clearly marked exercise areas and indoor pet relief areas, and it's safe to say that pet travelers everywhere would love to see more features like that.

We'll keep you updated regarding any new airport developments that come along this year. In the meantime, take a look at our Airport Spotlights and feel free to share your airport stories with us here or on the PetRelocation Facebook page. We love hearing about your various experiences, and have offered a few Pet Airport Etiquette Tips, as well.

As always, happy traveling everyone!

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